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One organization with far reach, connections, and intrinsic knowledge. We take pride in on our eye for value and stay steady on our quest for knowledge driven effeciencies. We believe that a well connected, aware, and healthy planet will yield humanity to its next level of synergistic evolution.

Focus/ Involvement & Expertise

Private Capital

We are principals and facilitators of new and operational ventures, real-estate projects with less conventional way of seeking capital. What we study and seek for is high propensity for stability and accelerated growth before extending our involvement. We are fast to act on opportunities that lay ahead for the benefit of our investment.


Our investment themes center on transforming emerging markets, growing middle income class, and health awareness across the masses. We seek out potent products that enhance quality of life and nourishment. Our interests are in manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of bio medicine, organic, herbal, and medicinal consumables.


With a criteria of well defined scalable products using innovative technology we take a hands-on approach to expedient software development. We have invested in technology based business services and are actively working with disruptive cloud computing & social media concepts among other high-potential ventures.


Over several years we have formed strong bonds with core teams of ventures, serving as mentors, and presenting synergies across co-investors and our partners. Our unique position successfully enables us to consult on financial control, strategic & social marketing, also deriving cross-continent technology & services based efficiencies.

Discipline/ With Endurance.

We are a closely run privately-held group - with hands-on operations and investment management skills. Our unique way of interpreting innovation and opportunity has contributed to our prudence in gauging assorted markets and involvement in all project. In doing what we do, we believe in trading genuine human-to-human respect with our co-investors, our member, and partner organizations. Above all, our character as a team is symbolized in our endurance to withstand upon our notions and also to carry forward notions that we can withstand.

We believe that capital structure for each venture is unique and has to be customized. We can however derive from similarities and familiarity from prior domain exepreince and knowledge. Therefore, in order to foster a environment that supports sustainable involvement while recycling capital, we adhere to the following guided criteria:

  1. Time: Our typical involvement is less then 3 to 5 years. We would only entertain shorter term transactional involvement in cases where there is a quick turnaround and our equity is highly controllable.
  2. Risk: We only get involved in areas where we have instilled quantitative and qualitative proprietary ways to gauge and refine risk periodically. We are always deriving from many market guidance factors that create our tolerance for a new or ongoing commitment.
  3. Return: Generally a goal of mass scale reach with maximizing social and repetitive returns over large one time return on investments. Financial sustainability in a business model is important should shows the ability to cover operating expenses with operating revenues within a 2 year period.
  4. Privacy & Relationships: We will ensure and go lengths to ensure that the privacy of our and co-investor's involvement are not jeopardized. Relationships are important. We strongly believe in creating a conscious and a serious platform for investment, and over time, we have learned that it is achieved by retaining right people dedicated in nurturing their corresponding ventures without public fanfare. Openly divulging identities of our investors and partner firm on transactions is simply against our rules.

Execution/ Yes, We are Hyperactive.

We have been around since the last century! And we have cultivated some great energy and execution strategies for this century. One thing that is recognized as constant in our equation is change. While our acumen is shaped from our collective past experiences and years of management insight, we know that the future is contingent only on our effective execution. As we encapsulate our participation in any venture or an investment we instill high levels of professionalism and integrity and bring hyperactive attention to clients and respect for nurturing our ongoing relationships.

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If you have an investment proposition, consulting need, or a business plan, we encourage you to give us an idea in the message below. Do specify your full contact details including phone number and country code in the message box below. For a more formal and engaging process, we will establish proper disclosures and legal agreements to safeguard all parties. You may also email our team at [email protected]

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